The world is thirsty of knowledge. There are a lot of information resources about every thing. But unfortunately, some pun-islamists who fear of Islam’s power can not see Islam’s development, because if the real Islam and pure Islam shows to nations, their benefits would be destroyed.

They try to show an unreal though and picture of Islam.


And unfortunately, some Islamic sections do some acts we don’t have in Islam. So some people all over the world have a fake picture of Islam. Now we want to tell you some main idea about Islam especially about the great Iran’s revolution:

The Great Leader

1.     We support oppressed, every oppressed being in every where. Palestinians are oppressed and Israeilians oppress them, so we support Palestinians.

2.     We want to do just two words under Rasulullah’s leadership: 

We were oppressed during the history in all aspects. And we want to not be oppressed and not oppressive!

These are the main trouble of our Great Leader, Imam Khomeini. Do you agree with his opinions? Do we have this right to support oppressed? Do you like this supporting?!


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  1. M Ahmer said,

    March 29, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Its really an Informative piece of information there. I really appreciate him to write such a blog post. I have a blog similar to him. you will find a lot more informative things there.
    Thanks Sharing

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