America’s Revolution!

These days I’m in contacting with an American teacher. I express some of his experience in this post.


* During Iran-Iraq war, Muslims of Bosnia didn’t help Iran and they didn’t like Iranian so much. When Bosnia has faced war with Serbia, Iranian helped them, so their image of Iran changed. This shows the affection of action on people’s minds is more than the affection of speeches.


* Usually, most of Western people don’t look at your practicing about Islam. They look at what do you say. If you practice Islam’s orders but say Islam is wrong, they say you are right. In other hand, if you say Islam is right; even if you do not obey Islam’s order, they say you are wrong. They are so impressible of media. We need to strength our press and media.


* Money plays the main roll in America. The banks are very important. And most of American’s money is in the Jewish’s hands, so the government is their control. The president cannot disobey their orders. An anti-Zionist cannot become the president at all.


* The Americans are bored of their government system. The America is near a big revolution in system of government. The people cannot tolerate it more.


* See this clip (Imagine the world in every one is very lucky)



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