Preaching opportunity in Honk-Kong

* Last year, in the 4th Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly conference, I met an Indian Muslim who serves in an Islamic center in Honk-Kong. I had a short interview with him. He spoke about shia preaching there:

“There are about 120000 Indonesian workers in Honk-Kong. They work about 4 years there, then come back to Indonesia. It’s a good opportunity to preach shia. During two months we convert 25 o them to shia. Now, they are some good shia and like to get more information about shia.”


* Yesterday (18 October) was a memorial day for Iraq. A big demonstration was hold in Baqdad against U.S.-Iraqi security pact. The main slogan of people was:

اُخرج، اُخرج، يا مُحتل“. Go out! Go out! O’ occupier!  Iraqis need to continue their protests to get result.