Iranian Students Letter to Brother Students of Egypt

بسم الله قاصم الجبارین و مبیر الظالمین


 Dear Egyptian brother and sister students

سلام علیکم و رحمه الله و برکاته

لتجدن اشد الناس عداوه للذین آمنوا الیهود


A pure Salaam (greeting) from Iran of Jihad and revolution to the Egypt of Islam and Muslims. Salaam to the land of scholars and Mujahids and Quran reciters. Salaam to the pure land which their ruler’s collaboration with cruel Zionists has made it impure. Salaam to the children of The Grand Prophet! 


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We and you may ask Allah (S&T) with our sorrowful hearts, distracted emotions, and humble hands for his forgiveness for what is happening to our Family in Gaza; Read the rest of this entry »


$1500000 reward for executing of Egypt’s Pharaoh, Hosni Mubarak


Execute Hosni Mubarak

Execute Hosni Mubarak


Iranian students put $1500000  award to pay to each person who kill Hosni Mubarak in all across the world.

President of Egypt is now called “traitor” in Islamic countries, because he cooperates with Zionists to attack to Gaza and kill innocent people. Till 2 days ago, this prize was $1000000 , but now it increases.


Note: 28 years ago, president Anvar Sadat was killed by an Egyptian officer named Khaled Islambuli, because of he recognized Israel as a country.


Guardian News about this execution:

Radical Iranian students have angered Egypt by offering a $1.5m (£1m) reward for the execution of its president, Hosni Mubarak, Read the rest of this entry »

Shoes throwed to Satan!


shoe shooting to America's flag!

shoe shooting to America's flag!

I remembered Ramye Jamarat Ceremony at Mina in Hadj when I wached Zaidi’s shoes throwing to President Bush. They are as stones that throwed to Satan’s symbol. In this event they are some points:

1. Bush admitted the reporter didn’t insult me, so the court can take advantage of this expression and release Zaidi.

2. Shoe Intifadha is a good name for this movement which formed in Iraq. Iraqis should not miss this opportunity to fire Americans from Iraq. We should admire Mahmood Mashhadani, head of Iraq parliament, who abdicate to show his anger to Zaidi’s stoppage.

3. Unlike what press said and media reported, you can see in movie that the second shoe strike right on target, the flag of the United States! Iraqis hate America. Americans shouldn’t let their diplomats (including Bush & Obama) to do actions which caused insulting to their flag and country.

* I listened in news the amount of people who pasture from trash cans has increased in Europe. It’s really painful. But maybe they remember Palestinans (especially people of Gaza) in this financial crisis.

Also see: Free Muntather al-Zaidi The 50,000 Signatures Campaign for Muntather al-Zaidi

Father offers daughter in marriage to shoe-throwing journalist

Worldwide events mark 60 years of the Palestinian Nakba


U.S.A: Seattle, WA ** New York City ** Anaheim, California

Palestine: Tulkarem ** Jerusalem ** Ramallah ** Tubas ** West Bank

Australia: Melbourne** Adelaide     Canada: Toronto ** Victoria (BC)     Scotland: Giffnock

UK: London     Italy: Turin ** Rome     Indonesia: Jakarta     Lebanon: All refugee camps


As Palestinians prepare to mark the 60th anniversary of the Nakba, or the 1948 creation of the state of Israel that resulted in the expulsion or flight of the majority of the indigenous Palestinian population, the IMEU presents a selected list of events that will be held around the world to commemorate this tragedy.

Friday, May 9




*Giffnock, Scotland

Dinner Commemorating ‘Nakba-60’Premier of the film “Occupation 101”, poetry, dabkeh dancing, featuring members of the Scottish Parliament: Nicola Sturgeon, Pauline McNeil, Sandra White, and Hugh O’Donnell.





*Seattle, WA“Celebrate – 60 Years of Resistance”

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Israel must be erased from the map of earth

This is the piece of Imam Khomeini’s message to hajjis on July 27th 1987 (1366/5/6). He expressed the duty of the Muslims and danger of Zionists. He criticized the most of Islamic countries leaders.

Israel must be erased from the map of earth.

Muslim nations have to rescue Palestine. They have to declare their hate and repugnance with compromiser leaders who use the name of Palestine, but they were destroyed the ideal of people who were occupied their territory. They have to report this treason to the world and don’t let these betrayers to make panel discussions and communicate with Zionists, Because they want to scratch the reputation and honor of Palestine hero nation. These leaders are some pseudo-revolutionary weak-personality persons, appeal to U.S. and Israel in the name of freedom of Quds!!

How strange! Silence and compromise of the Islamic countries heads become more whatever we pass the days of bloody disaster of usurpation of Palestine. Even there is no news of Beytol-Moghadas release slogan!


All of our respectable responsible and our people and Islamic nations won’t stop their campaign against this vicious tree (Zionism).


By the help of God we should join Islam followers and we should use ability of Mohammad nation and feasibilities of Islamic countries. We have to form the resistance groups of Hezbollah all across the world until Israel regrets and Muslims take out their territories from Israel’s hand.


I warn again danger of entering this grimy and cancerous tumor (Zionism) into the soul of Islamic countries. And I declare my generous support all Islamic campaigns of nations for releasing of Quds.

And I thank the dear Lebanese youth who cause to make proud the Islam.


Finally we are the winners

You can read the whole Imam Khomeini’s message in this link: