Dr. You got 3 Medal Award!!

Royal National Medal award withdrawn from a Norwegian Shia due to the presure of Zionist lobby Royal National Medal awarded to him by Kind Herrold V of Norway for meritorious services rendered to people way beyond the call of duty, however has been withdrawn the next day.

In making the award, an official announcement on behalf of Kind Herrold V of Norway had said: “As a medical doctor, this medal is awarded to Dr Linstad for years of selfless service to immigrant communities in Greenland (immigrant settlement area near Oslo).” The Urtenhagen Islamic Foundation caters to the needs of more than 280 immigrant children of all backgrounds that receive free medical and educational services. Immigrant families similarly receive free services.


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An Iranian Village Ready to travel to Gaza on Freedom Ships

An Iranian village called “Varein” delivered a statement expressing its readiness to embark in freedom ships and send aid to Gaza to break its siege.

The full text of the statement that is post in the village blog is like below:

In The Name of Allah, the Most beneficent, the Most Merciful

Zionist crimes against aid flotillas have suffered the heart of all freedom-loving people in the world. Sending aid to oppressed people of Gaza is a human quality duty which our great leaders Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and Seyed Hassan Nasrollah confirmed and encouraged people and human rights activists to continue that.

So, we, the youth of the Iranian village “Varein” declare that we are completely ready to dispatch to Gaza and embark in freedom ships and also we are ready to send the material and healthy aids to our brothers and sisters of this oppressed Strip.

Regarding we started registering of people to dispatch; we call all villages to join us to break the siege of Gaza as our great leader, Imam Khomeini said: “If every Muslim pours a pail on Israel, Israel will inundate”.


Youth of Village “Varein”, Iran

Village Varein, Iran