What’s Islam?

What’s Islam?

Part One

By Syed S. Haidar

The word Islam is derived from the word slim, which means reconciliation, peace, submission and deliverance. Before Islam, all previous revelations had been sent to particular nations. Each of these religions either had the characteristic of being a national religion or was later transform into a national religion. For the first time in human history Islam came as the religion for all humanity and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) was the first to be honoured with a duty towards all humanity.

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance – like all monotheiaest religion of the world.

Prayers, (Salat), Fasting, Pilgrimage, Arms giving -Charity- Social Corporate Responsibility and defending it from annihilation (Jihad), are the main pillars of Islam. It has now almost seventy-two sub-sects or school of thoughts, which varies from each others. However, all Muslim believe in the fundamental principals of Islam. They are united in the House of God – Kaaba or Baiytullah, which is in Mecca, during Umrah and Hajj. They can pray in different sects of mosque so here; there is no difference in basic Islamic reverence.  They’re over one billon Muslim in the world today and almost fifty two countries who are predominately Muslim countries. However this term Muslim world, the Arab world is not a correct terminology. There are more Muslims in some places than others. There are Muslims who have restructured Islam in accordance with their thoughts and culture. The prerequisite for Islam is that one should “really” believe and live accordingly. The EU has over fifteen million Muslims.

 It is the fastest growing way of life of the present world. Islam is the religion of unity. That is to say in the field of faith, this is religion based on believing only in one God, the Lord and Sovereign. Unity, in terms of world vision, the view of life and the social system all call for the unity of  humanity, brother and sisterhood, equality in basic rights and the abolition of all discrimination based on colour, race. Islam has declare all people have honour, with no socio- political, material – spiritual, racial cultural discrimination whatsoever, and has awarded them with a status above all other living things.


As soon as possible I will post an article with this title “Dose Islam Really Support Terrorism?!”

God willing…