$1500000 reward for executing of Egypt’s Pharaoh, Hosni Mubarak


Execute Hosni Mubarak

Execute Hosni Mubarak


Iranian students put $1500000  award to pay to each person who kill Hosni Mubarak in all across the world.

President of Egypt is now called “traitor” in Islamic countries, because he cooperates with Zionists to attack to Gaza and kill innocent people. Till 2 days ago, this prize was $1000000 , but now it increases.


Note: 28 years ago, president Anvar Sadat was killed by an Egyptian officer named Khaled Islambuli, because of he recognized Israel as a country.


Guardian News about this execution:

Radical Iranian students have angered Egypt by offering a $1.5m (£1m) reward for the execution of its president, Hosni Mubarak, Read the rest of this entry »


Preaching opportunity in Honk-Kong

* Last year, in the 4th Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly conference, I met an Indian Muslim who serves in an Islamic center in Honk-Kong. I had a short interview with him. He spoke about shia preaching there:

“There are about 120000 Indonesian workers in Honk-Kong. They work about 4 years there, then come back to Indonesia. It’s a good opportunity to preach shia. During two months we convert 25 o them to shia. Now, they are some good shia and like to get more information about shia.”


* Yesterday (18 October) was a memorial day for Iraq. A big demonstration was hold in Baqdad against U.S.-Iraqi security pact. The main slogan of people was:

اُخرج، اُخرج، يا مُحتل“. Go out! Go out! O’ occupier!  Iraqis need to continue their protests to get result.

What the Other Say about Islam?

Complied By Syed S. Haidar

Herbert George Wells

Herbert George Wells



What Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) has said about Islam and knowledge: “If I am the City of knowledge, then Ali, my successor, is the gate of this City” 

“Africa is a fair field for all religions; but the religion, which the African will accept, is a religion best suits  his deeds. And that religion, everyone who has the right to speak on the subject, says, is ISLAM.” (H. G. Wells)

Europe has continued to keep out of sight our scientific obligation to the Muslims. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. (Rev. G. Margoliouth)


George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw


If any religion has a chance of ruling over England, nay Europe, within the next hundred years, it can only be Islam. I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion, which appears to me to possess the assimilating capability of the changing phases of existence: which can make its appeal to every age. I believe that if a man like Mohammad were to assume the leadership of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed piece and happiness. (George Bernard Shaw – a Dubliner)

ISLAM is the religion of the Universe; Islam is the destiny of mankind. That destiny must come to fulfilment sooner or later. Muslims carry a great responsibility on their shoulders in that respect, and the earlier they awaken to it the better. ( Dr C. Antonoff)


James A. Michener

James A. Michener


ISLAM introduced a vigorous Puritanism into Asia and Europe, deprecating all forms of human vulgarity in public, or in private places to an extent that honesty, chastity, and refining ones soul has become the trade mark of this religion. ( Sâdhu T.L. Vaswani)

No religion in the history of Mankind spread so rapidly as Islam. (James A. Michener)


Letters to Imam Khomeini

he is alive always

Regarding 19th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s death I post an issue that shows the deep influence of him on every one who realizes a little about his personality.


Imam Khomeini (R.A)’s office received several letters from different parts of world by non Muslims; some of the letters are presented in this presentation:


The following text is the script of Flash file called “AFFABLE_LETTER”.

You can download it here. (4.9 MB)


An old woman from Neauphle-le-Cheatue writes:


“When you came to our district, blessing came to our house. I’m passing through the last days of my life. Send me a sock, a handkerchief, any thing to have it put in my coffin.”


“… I heard that when you speak, your hearer shed tears. If you have enchanted them from near-by, I’m enchanted by you from far away.”


“… When I see your face in the TV for a short moment, the depth of my soul fills with joy and I shed my tears of longing. I believe you are a man of God. I have two children, one was born blind and the other suffers from a heart disease. Invoke God to cure them.”


“No leader is prepared (unless he is forced) to confess his mistakes. But I hear you voluntarily admit your mistakes. Thus, one may believe that you have come from heaven. I implore God to illuminate our dark world with the speeches of men like you.”


“A man, who talks with his followers, lowering his eyes all the time, cannot be a man of adventures, especially in old age. Talk to me, write to me: Where have you come from? What message do you sense? Write to me, maybe God makes me, too, one of your disciples.”


“When I read the history of the prophets, I notice that they were encountered by persons with satanic conduct. Now, you, who want to acquaint your people with God, the satanic powers are challenging you. The prophets feared nobody. You, too, are afraid of no power. I have not so far heard that you claimed to be a prophet. Say, then, what’s your claim? Are you Socrates? Are you a disciple (of Jesus)? Who are you?


Whoever you may be and whatever your claim, I know your claim is right, because when disbelief covers the whole world, God sends a man to guide the people. You are now the very man who has expected to come. Alas! What separates between me and you is not merely the frontiers, the distance of language is a farther distance.”


“I hope that your speeches, which are not related to power, war or politics, would soon be translated so that whoever was tired of the violence of this speedy civilization might be acquainted with your heavenly opinions.”


“The streets of my country are full of light, its shops are full of commodities, its custom houses are active. We are short of nothing except a sacred soul. I wish you were born in my country so as to give to all these activities and commotions a supreme objective.”


“Lenin was a beloved leader. Hitler was so loved that he could muster a nation to commit suicide. Gandhi’s lovable ness spread beyond the Indian borders. But I like to present my most cordial feelings to a man whom I do not know well, and of the past and the future of revolution led by him I have no clear picture. Yet, at reading an article against you I am so annoyed that I cannot conceal it.”


“I think you had stated that, ‘even if this war lasted for twenty years we would remain standing firm,’ and you had announced continuing the war till abolishing sedition from the world. But, strangely enough, you accepted peace and left the world in stupefaction.”


“As you had said you drank the cup of poison. By this ingenious statement, without annulling the sacrifices of your followers, you showed a new path to your people. This artistry was so great that even after a hostile analysis its fineness cannot be denied.”